Friday, February 26, 2010

KURT LIMA, nice model

Hello everyone, I am 25 years old and recently moved to LA from San Diego. I love life and am big on friends and family. I?ve always sought after modeling work but at times it fell to the way side during my higher education. After graduating San Diego State University with a Communication Degree and a Minor in Psychology I was approached by a number of people who believe I have the potential for this industry. I embody a sharp, stylish, and professional look that can deliver on a company?s reputation for success. I am currently represented by Vision L.A. Models and No Ties Management and all work will be reviewed and delegated by either agency. Thank you to everyone for taking the time to consider myself as a prospect. Kurt Lima

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4a7e3216a6925.jpg (149 KB) 4a7e3225abcce.jpg (200 KB) 4b576932f3dd0.jpg (141 KB)
4b05fad14b0b6.jpg (37 KB) 4b079038cd96a.jpg (29 KB) 4b57679d94ef5.jpg (153 KB)
4b06036bd5795.jpg (19 KB) cardmrchnt-cardmrchnt-65f4.jpg (30 KB) cardmrchnt-cardmrchnt-60f2.jpg (30 KB)
cardmrchnt-cardmrchnt-2a2c.jpg (21 KB) dddy433.jpg (32 KB) cardmrchnt-cardmrchnt-f4a2.jpg (65 KB)
4aca3b48ad2f0.jpg (169 KB)4b06003534418.jpg (39 KB)
cardmrchnt-cardmrchnt-ab73.jpg (33 KB) cardmrchnt-cardmrchnt-a4a2.jpg (48 KB) kurt_lima_07.jpg (102 KB)
kurt_lima_04.jpg (37 KB) kurt_lima_00.jpg (41 KB) jockass.jpg (29 KB)
kurt_lima_17.jpg (208 KB) kurt_lima_15.jpg (139 KB) Kurt-313.jpg (65  KB)
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Kurt-178-BW.jpg (70 KB) kurt_lima_99.jpg (21 KB) Kurt-Lima-Josh-Williams-2.jpg (142 KB)

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