Friday, February 26, 2010


Michael Lewis, born December 21, 1987, in Tel Aviv, is an Israeli Model and Actor.
Lewis used to be a competitive Swimmer and Baseball Player. Today, he is one of the most glamorous and celebrated stars in Israel. He is a teen idol, he stars in a several daily dramas, portrays the leading role in a youth drama, published his private diary and a collection of his columns, models for the leading fashion companies, appeared on more than 25 magazines covers, and established a multi-million dollars brand name trademark.
In early 2006, Lewis has been chosen by panel of Israeli cultural icons and academic experts to be one of the most influential individuals in Israel in the field of popular culture, art and entertainment. A special TV drama aired on Israeli TV, charting his fantastic road from complete anonymity to this elevated position.
On November 1st of 2006, Fox International, largest and most successful Israeli casual clothing company, has announced that Michael Lewis has taken over as the leading model of the company, replacing a former megastar, Yehuda Levi, in this most coveted position in Israeli fashion world.

Lewis has gained another outstanding achievement when YES, Israeli satellite broadcasting television network, has announced in 2008, that they have signed an exclusive talent contract for 4 years with Lewis. This talent contract includes participation in numerous TV dramas, sitcoms and hosting.

In 2009, Lewis is scheduled to star in his first feature film "Hatter", a thriller in which a journalist reveals the secrets of a hedonistic fashion designer.

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