Thursday, February 25, 2010

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Brian Putzy, born in 1983, in Philadelphia, PA, is an American model.
Putzy started modeling professionally in early 2009 -- formerly signed with "Basic Model Management", but now with "Red Model Management".

Standing 6'2", Putzy's tall, pugnacious boxer’s face and build have caught the attention of established photographer Joseph Blue. Then he garnered a worldwide attention when famed photographer Tony Duran captures him in a racy photo shoot, which offically marched his career to a new chapter.
Putzy says his favorite outfit is jeans, "I think jeans have to power to transform someone. Jeans have a certain mystique and character to them, that just by looking at someone's jeans-you can tell a lot about a person. It's intriguing," he said.

Putzy describes himself as just a small-town midwestern guy who now goes to an ivy-league school. He works hard and plays hard. His motto is "a life that's not lived is still lost".

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