Saturday, February 6, 2010

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Dennis van den Eijk (age 30) is from Netherlands and a top Model, but is not a surprise because a blond, tall, Muscular, built and very handsome man as Dennis have to be in the cover of a magazine or in a public adverstiment. If there is something that can define Dennis is how brutally honest and very sincere can be about his ideas and life.
He not only took the journey to pose in front of the cam with all the glamours and the model fashion, but he learnt a lot to keep as he is and try to change things for good. He likes to live life to the fullest and that is his quote and his trade mark. I know most of you guys when think about a model are thinking about everything is glamorous but after see so much model realities and tv shows you can find another reality. This is Dennis, nothing more nothing less.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, your ideas about dennis are completely wrong. Dennis is a real player who used to date 5 woman at the same time secretly while being married. THATS what he means by living life to the fullest.
He even tricked you.. wow!

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