Sunday, February 7, 2010


Daniel Erthal, born March 22, 1982, in Bom Jardim, Rio de Janeiro, is a Brazilian Actor and Model.
Erthal's first acting role came in 2004, when he appeared in 5 episodes of "Da Cor do Pecado" as bad boy Pedra.
A year later, Erthal landed another popular Brazilian soap opera role in "Malhação", playing the character of Leo. And in 2006, Daniel guest starred in one episode of "Belíssima".
Aside from his acting career, Erthal has modeled for Paparazzo and for renowned make up artist and photographer Fernando Torquatto. He also tried dancing when he joined in the 3rd season of Brazil's Dancing with the Stars where he, unfortunately, got elimated first.

During his spare time, Erthal enjoys going to the beach, surfing, working out, and listening to his iPod.

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