Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Kerry Degman, October 4, 1988 in Portland, Oregon, is an American Model best known for his campaign for "JC Penny's American Living."
After graduating from Sunset High School in 2007, Degman signed with Major Models. A few months later, he became the subject of the sexy images of "Abercrombie & Fitch," which offically marched his career to a new chapter.
Easy going and devastatingly charming, Degman is one of the latest and the hottest young stars that emerged in the fashion scenes in 2008. Just weeks after he finished his shooting for A&F, he secured his biggest campaign yet, thanks to his exposure in the campaign for JC Penny's American Living in 2008. The first ads ran in the inside cover of "People Magazine."
Other fashion editorial appearances under his belt, including "OUT", "TETU," "ELLE," "M mensuel" and "Vogue" magazines, which all took place within one short year, well proves the high demand for his youthful masculine physique, and his rising to prominence in his profession.

When not modeling, 6-foot tall Degman spends the bulk of his remaining free time playing baseball - his main passion.

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2-kerry-degman-adam-raphael.jpg (66 KB) 4206_81169049825_81167414825_1617053_5660128_n.jpg (39 KB) 4206_81169109825_81167414825_1617064_6367756_n.jpg (45 KB)
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4206_81169114825_81167414825_1617065_1834091_n.jpg (37 KB)4206_81173324825_81167414825_1617122_122035_n.jpg (58 KB) 4206_81173339825_81167414825_1617123_7339113_n.jpg (36 KB)
4206_81173344825_81167414825_1617124_3856366_n.jpg (48 KB) 5374_109468609825_81167414825_2008902_6229610_n.jpg (51 KB) 5374_109468619825_81167414825_2008903_5358514_n.jpg (39 KB)
5374_109470019825_81167414825_2009000_2375994_n.jpg (33 KB) 5374_109470029825_81167414825_2009002_799018_n.jpg (46 KB) 5720_118444904829_530194829_2346320_4064980_n.jpg (28 KB)
5720_118444909829_530194829_2346321_7931713_n.jpg (43 KB) 5720_118451364829_530194829_2346544_5404076_n.jpg (48 KB) 11131_180279284825_81167414825_2686734_1891525_n.jpg (27 KB)
11131_180279289825_81167414825_2686735_388193_n.jpg (27 KB) 11131_180279359825_81167414825_2686742_3562413_n.jpg (38 KB) 11131_180279364825_81167414825_2686743_250142_n.jpg (33 KB)
12952_175278334825_81167414825_2652886_6530639_n.jpg (25 KB) 12952_175278339825_81167414825_2652887_1632147_n.jpg (28 KB) 12952_175278349825_81167414825_2652889_3712139_n.jpg (39 KB)
kdgvs1mo4.jpg (32 KB) kerrydegman27kc5.jpg (96 KB)WeLoveGuys_Kerry_Degman_Tetu_9.jpg (167 KB)
KERRY_DEGMAN.jpg (48 KB) Kerry-Degman-Shirtless-Photos-for-HM-8.jpg (308 KB)WeLoveGuys_Kerry_Degman_Tetu_8.jpg (106 KB)
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