Monday, January 18, 2010

Absolutely stunning Braeden Baade. Braden is 23 year old male model based in Tampa Florida. Braeden, currently a college student is a new face on the world of male modeling. Having used to have been a bouncer, Braeden was frequently referred to as Batman. Perhaps it had something to do with a little superhero fantasy, or the fact that perhaps he’d rip off his shirt at some point (even though Batman never really did that…

Braeden recently has worked with John Gress and Michael A. Downs, as you will see in the following photo sets. Braeden brings attitude and a touch of young masculinity to the set of any photo shoot it seems, and has the body of a tight young college stud.

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b_39k2564retouchedb.jpg (73 KB) b_39k2693retouchedb.jpg (74 KB) b_39k2969retouched.jpg (84 KB)
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