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, May 3, 1989 (age 21), in Australia, is an Australian rugby player who plays for the "Gold Coast Titans" as a halfback.

Lawton started his career in March 2008. A powerful athlete, he is described in one word -- freak. He is just 19 (as of 2008), already training with the Gold Coast's top squad and bench presses more than most of the club's first grade prop forwards.
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Lawton, an 85kg powerhouse, regularly busts out three 145kg repetitions on the bench press, considered one the biggest lifters in the Titans pack.

While originally signed to play in the new national under-20s, Lawton has grabbed the attention of Titans head coach John Cartwright.

His intense training paid dividends; as of December 2008, he had 37/45 goals, 110 points in 11 games. Though he's yet to play for National Rugby League, Lawton said he's determined to make his NRL debut this year.

Aside from rugby, Lawton also modeled for the "Gods of Football" 2009 calendar that raises awareness and funds for the McGrath Foundation, breast health advocates.

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