Friday, January 7, 2011


Juan Alfonso Baptista Díaz, also known as "The Cat" (born September 9, 1976 in Caracas) is a Venezuelan actor.
Measured 1.80. Before turning to the interpretation played as goalkeeper for the Venezuelan team has participated in soap operas produced by different countries, including Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, USA and Spain. His start in soap operas was in 1997 when he participated in the Venezuelan telenovela wholeheartedly. He spent two years inactive, due to facial paralysis, until in 1999, recorded the Venezuelan telenovela Love.

In 2000 he made two telenovelas: Love Spell, Venezuelan, and my destiny are you, Mexican. In 2001 he rolled a Mexican soap opera, "As in the film. "

In 2002 also shot two soap operas: Water and oil, Mexican and wild Gata production. In 2003 she starred alongside Paola Rey, Pasión de Gavilanes. In 2004 she starred in The Woman in the mirror.

"Pasión de Gavilanes" was the novel that catapulted him to worldwide fame thanks to his character Oscar Reyes, an ambitious and handsome young man trying to avenge his brothers with the death of her younger sister, falls in love with one of its greatest enemy.

On several occasions he has acted as a model for major American apparel firms, as Decko, St. Even, Reindeer and Colombian designer Lina Cantillo.

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