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Ryan Daharsh, born in 1984, in Lincoln, Nebraska, is an American Model.

Daharsh was raised on Crete, Nebraska, and as of 2009, is now based in New York City. This former High School Football and wrestling star took the world by storm when he first entered the modeling world.
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His portfolio includes modelling for "Abercrombie and Fitch", "All American Guys", "Vogue Italia" and "Bloomingdales". He has also been featured in "DNA", "Out Magazines", and "Men's Exercise". Crossing over from fitness into fashion modeling, he has blazed a succesful career path and is represented by Major Models, NYC. Fashion credits include "Ralph Lauren", "Dolce & Gabana", "Nautica", and more.
Fitness is a big part of Daharsh life. His mom is a former bodybuilder, so you could say he's learned from the best in terms of his physical training. His interests are varied. On some days you can catch him playing golf. On other days he's racing his motorbike across the dessert. Definitely an adrenaline junky. His attitude is one of confidence and resilience.

Daharsh is looking to pursue not only modeling but acting as well. He's been getting plenty of attention from folks in modeling and entertainment. And for good reason.

When asked to describe himself in five words, he says, "Loving, over-protective, passionate, pure, and very fortunate." His favorite part of his body are his eyes, he explains, "My eyes are kinda like mood rings for they depic my mood in colour and shape."

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