Saturday, September 4, 2010


Chad White, born in 1985, in Portland, Oregon, is an American model. He is one of the newest faces in the modeling industry.
White has been seen in the June 2006 issue of L'Uomo Vogue where he owned the entire editorial well.
His work for L'Uomo Voque is one of his most important stints as a model, as photographed by world-renowned photographer, Steven Klein.

White has been on the runways in fashion capital cities in the world. He is one of the favorites of Versace, D&G and Dsquared2, among others.

In person, it is not only the face, with its perfect masculine jawline, or the body (made by years of playing many kind of sports) that makes an impression - It is White's personality.

White is known to his colleagues and friends to have unswervingly patient, tireless in his work, kind, fun to be with and capable of enduring any amount of hardship without complaint. He speaks little but is extremely intelligent.

6' foot 2 White, played baseball in college and was drafted for Major League Baseball, an eventuality that failed when he injured his hand. But as these hot pictures testify, baseball's loss is truly modeling's gain.

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Chad_White-life-gay_blogspot16.jpg (149 KB) Chad_White-life-gay_blogspot19.jpg (178 KB)Chad_White-life-gay_blogspot21.jpg (56 KB)
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