Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Michael Lewis, born December 21, 1987, in Tel Aviv, is an Israeli Model and Actor.
Lewis used to be a competitive Swimmer and Baseball Player. Today, he is one of the most glamorous and celebrated stars in Israel. He is a teen idol, he stars in a several daily dramas, portrays the leading role in a youth drama, published his private diary and a collection of his columns, models for the leading fashion companies, appeared on more than 25 magazines covers, and established a multi-million dollars brand name trademark.

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MICHAEL_LEWIS-life-gay_blogspot01.jpg (66 KB) MICHAEL_LEWIS-life-gay_blogspot02.jpg (66 KB) MICHAEL_LEWIS-life-gay_blogspot03.jpg (54 KB)
MICHAEL_LEWIS-life-gay_blogspot04.jpg (85 KB) MICHAEL_LEWIS-life-gay_blogspot05.jpg (209 KB) MICHAEL_LEWIS-life-gay_blogspot06.jpg (60 KB)
MICHAEL_LEWIS-life-gay_blogspot07.jpg (77 KB) MICHAEL_LEWIS-life-gay_blogspot08.jpg (125 KB) MICHAEL_LEWIS-life-gay_blogspot09.jpg (51 KB)
MICHAEL_LEWIS-life-gay_blogspot10.jpg (62 KB) MICHAEL_LEWIS-life-gay_blogspot11.jpg (69 KB) MICHAEL_LEWIS-life-gay_blogspot12.jpg (76 KB)
MICHAEL_LEWIS-life-gay_blogspot13.jpg (65 KB) MICHAEL_LEWIS-life-gay_blogspot14.jpg (66 KB) MICHAEL_LEWIS-life-gay_blogspot15.jpg (68 KB)
MICHAEL_LEWIS-life-gay_blogspot17.jpg (76 KB) MICHAEL_LEWIS-life-gay_blogspot18.jpg (67 KB)
MICHAEL_LEWIS-life-gay_blogspot19.jpg (61 KB) MICHAEL_LEWIS-life-gay_blogspot20.jpg (80 KB) MICHAEL_LEWIS-life-gay_blogspot21.jpg (56 KB)
MICHAEL_LEWIS-life-gay_blogspot22.jpg (33 KB)MICHAEL_LEWIS-life-gay_blogspot25.jpg (35 KB)MICHAEL_LEWIS-life-gay_blogspot26.jpg (36 KB)
MICHAEL_LEWIS-life-gay_blogspot23.jpg (64 KB) MICHAEL_LEWIS-life-gay_blogspot24.jpg (58 KB) MICHAEL_LEWIS-life-gay_blogspot27.jpg (47 KB)
MICHAEL_LEWIS-life-gay_blogspot28.jpg (42 KB) MICHAEL_LEWIS-life-gay_blogspot29.jpg (27 KB) MICHAEL_LEWIS-life-gay_blogspot30.jpg (36 KB)
MICHAEL_LEWIS-life-gay_blogspot16.jpg (97 KB)


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