Monday, August 2, 2010

JOE SLAUGHTER goes shirtless for ‘Da Man’

Step Up 3D dancer Joe Slaughter bulging in tight undies from his shirtless spread for Da Man magazine.

On his role in the film: “I play the role of Julien, Natalie’s brother and Luke’s arch nemesis. I guess you could say I am the villain or ‘bad boy’ of the film, my character likes to stir up all of the trouble.”
On finding inspiration from old Hollywood dancers: “I think my mom was the one to initially introduce me to Singin’ in the Rain. For some reason, after I watched it for the first time, I just couldn’t get enough! I literally watched it on a daily basis for like a year straight! Eventually, I started watching other Gene Kelly films along with films starring classic actors such as Fred Astaire and Donald O’Connor. If you are interested in learning about the fundamentals of dance and stage presence, these films will open your eyes. These classic old films were shot in one take on an enormous, wide-open set. The actors had just one opportunity to bring everything they had to the table and give it all to the camera in this one take.”

On how his family and friends describe him: “After acknowledging that I dance everywhere I go - seriously I never stop - I think they would say I am goofy and I am obsessed with discovering and showing YouTube videos. I am also lighthearted and never take life too seriously, because life is too short to worry or get caught up with nonsense!”

He’s 25.

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