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Carlos Freire(real name: Carlinhos Freire), born in 1985, in Brazil, is a Model, perhaps known for gracing the front cover of "Style: Men" magazine in 2007.
Freire has always been a good-looking kid. He began to do modeling as a teenager. However, he was truly “discovered” by 40 Graus Models in 2006.
Before long, Freire was featured in countless magazines including Vanity Fair, Out, Quem, Drops, and in 2007, landed the front cover of Style: Men magazine.

Freire walked the biggest designer's runways and had posed for top Brazilian photographers Fernando Torquatto and Michael Roberts.
In 2007, Freire did a large perfume campaign for "Lab Series" and also bagged a billboard ad for book, music and stationary store "Super Sports" in Bangkok.

During his spare time, Freire enjoys riding his motorcycle, working out, watching movies and swimming at the beach.

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