Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Ricky Martin’s boyfriend revealed

At long last, here are photos of Ricky Martin’s long-time boyfriend, Italian model Valerio Pino. He’s very much Italian — hairy and all.
He’s 32.

After revealing that he was gay this past March, everybody has been speculating who Ricky Martin has been dating.

The 38-year-old “She Bangs” singer is rumored to have a boyfriend, Italian model Valerio Pino.

Last night, Ricky tweeted, “Is it Friday yet? It’s been a long week! Productive! Really tired! Time to crash.” When is Ricky’s new music coming out??

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gallery_enlarged-valerio-pena-nude-photos-05142010-01.jpg (239 KB) gallery_enlarged-valerio-pena-nude-photos-05142010-02.jpg (238 KB)gallery_enlarged-valerio-pena-nude-photos-05142010-05.jpg (243  KB)
gallery_enlarged-valerio-pena-nude-photos-05142010-06.jpg (211 KB) gallery_enlarged-valerio-pena-nude-photos-05142010-08.jpg (190 KB)
gallery_enlarged-valerio-pena-nude-photos-05142010-09.jpg (202 KB)gallery_enlarged-valerio-pena-nude-photos-05142010-07.jpg (187  KB)
gallery_enlarged-valerio-pena-nude-photos-05142010-04.jpg (104  KB)

Check out the video footage of Valerio at a photo shoot below!


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