Monday, May 10, 2010

KELLAN LUTZ | PICTURES | ‘Interview’ magazine

Actor, action-movie star, Calvin Klein underwear model, man of the moment, Kellan Lutz looking sexy without his shirt for Interview magazine, May 2010 issue.

Enjoy this pictures of KELLAN LUTZ

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kellan-lutz-mikael-jansson-homotography-2.jpg (141 KB) kellan-lutz-mikael-jansson-homotography-3.jpg (78 KB)
kellan-lutz-mikael-jansson-homotography-4.jpg (175 KB) kellan-lutz-mikael-jansson-homotography-5.jpg (192 KB)
kellan-lutz-mikael-jansson-homotography-6.jpg (67 KB)kellan-lutz-mikael-jansson-homotography-1.jpg (116 KB)

Watch making of video:

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