Friday, May 28, 2010


Benjamin Godfre, born in 1988, in Minnesota, USA, is an American Model of Irish, Italian and English descent.
Godfre was raised in Minnesota, USA, and now attending school in Orange County, California.
In the beginning, male modeling was almost an unthinkable concept to Godfre, and numerous offers was rejected right away. Not until he met veteran photographer Tom Cullis, who took beautiful photos him, was he finally convinced to give modeling a try.

Soon there after, came his first modeling job, strutting his athletic body for men's fashion wear, "" All of a sudden, the demand for Godfre has become so overwhelmingly high, that reportedly he's received offers from several big clothing companies including Australian leading men's swimwear manufacturer, "AussieBum."

His ability to project to the camera coupled with his great physique and exceptional good looks definitely make him a force to be reckoned with in the modeling world.

When not modeling or studying, Godfre loves to go to the beach, parasail, and surf, which is his number-one hobby.

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