Monday, April 19, 2010

RICKY MARTIN NUDE in new promotional video

After finally revealing the truth about his sexuality Ricky Martin is clearly keen to start a fresh chapter in his life. And clearly empowered by his recent decision to live an openly gay life, in his first video since coming out, singer Ricky doesn’t hold anything back.

In a candid video promoting his comeback concert tour, he appears completely save for a few well-placed digital tattoos.

The soft focus video features a minimalist soundtrack, and jerky camera work, which acts a metaphor for Ricky’s reawakening.

The singer is seen slumbering on a white lit floor, as the camera pans over his body. It sees him in various positions, with tattoo-like effects emerging on his skin with inspirational messages in Spanish such as ‘find yourself’, ‘forgive’ and ‘change your life’. At one stage his crotch area has to be covered by a ’shadow’. And slowly his body restarts jerkily coming to life.

Ricky sent out a link to the risqué video - a promo for his new tour Black & White - to his followers on Twitter.

In his tweet he told fans the 2-minute video, called My Skin Talks, was directed by his friend Dago Gonzales.



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