Sunday, March 14, 2010


Philip Fusco, born in 1988, in New York City, is an American Model.
Fusco has been working out since he was 14, and has entered the industry at the age of 17 and signed in 2009 with "Empire Model Management".
Up-and-coming Fusco has been able to achieve so much in a very short amount of time. He's modeled for "Score Underwear", "Vista Video", and "John Falocco", as well as gracing the coveted front cover of "Exercise Magazine" for men.
Standing 5' 9", Fusco's dream is to hit it big in the industry and to do big things. He's also a personal trainer on the side and loves giving working advice to his fans.

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4a53b57bdeccc.jpg (99 KB) 6a00e55281006188330111688387f1970c-500wi.jpg (74 KB) 2877_1151805796104_1256419507_30412412_1531424_n.jpg (25 KB)
7716_157860657528_700877528_2739060_7777216_n.jpg (24 KB) 9217_1226986315570_1256419507_30668292_5194678_n.jpg (46 KB) 9217_1226988635628_1256419507_30668321_5434676_n.jpg (28 KB)
9217_1227006396072_1256419507_30668468_4704193_n.jpg (70 KB) 9217_1227006796082_1256419507_30668469_339882_n.jpg (48 KB) 9217_1227009836158_1256419507_30668487_6601642_n.jpg (20 KB)
9217_1227009676154_1256419507_30668486_1714718_n.jpg (29 KB) 9217_1227007476099_1256419507_30668473_5626186_n.jpg (26 KB) 9217_1227007156091_1256419507_30668472_5835264_n.jpg (28 KB)
9217_1227011676204_1256419507_30668502_2069602_n.jpg (20 KB) 9217_1227011276194_1256419507_30668501_4315116_n.jpg (37 KB) 9217_1227010916185_1256419507_30668499_5493504_n.jpg (22 KB)
9217_1227012876234_1256419507_30668511_4847279_n.jpg (24 KB)9217_1227010396172_1256419507_30668493_6379753_n.jpg (21 KB)9217_1227012116215_1256419507_30668505_2138459_n.jpg (26 KB)
9217_1227108598627_1256419507_30668931_3183306_n.jpg (17 KB)untitled_8.bmp   (802 KB)
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