Sunday, February 21, 2010

Steven LeSage hot model

MEET Steven LeSage
24 years old
Was born in New York, New York
I am currently a free-lance model, always seeking new projects. I am an outgoing, personable and creative person; I thrive on a challenge and live to surpass expectations. As a model, I pride myself on my ability to connect with a photographer to produce the best possible end product.

I am currently seeking paid assignments, but will accept the occaisonal project for portfolio-enhancement purposes; collaborating with an innovative, experienced photographer. I am more than willing to travel as long as travel is compensated for.

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4a3e680d6c3f3.jpg (245 KB) 4a554c18282c3.jpg (106 KB)
4a3e6856bacb8.jpg (426 KB) 4a56c07201202.jpg (212 KB) 4a387262957d3.jpg (41 KB)
4aaf066942e88.jpg (98 KB) 4a3860789086f.jpg (77 KB)
4940ac4d2cf15.jpg (122 KB)4adfd21e023e4.jpg (67 KB)steven_LeSage.jpg (165 KB)
49ab56f7ea6f2.jpg (154 KB) 4aff5092366cf.jpg (126 KB)
SteveLesage.jpg (495 KB) 494178a4b39e3.jpg (198 KB)steven_LeSage_jpg5.jpg (212 KB)
steven_LeSage_jpg4.jpg (32 KB) steven_LeSage_jpg3.jpg (249 KB) steven_LeSage_jpg2.jpg (34 KB)
Steven-LeSage-01.jpg (73 KB) steven_LeSage_jpg10.jpg (36 KB) steven_LeSage_jpg7.jpg (156 KB)
Steven-LeSage-05.jpg (68 KB) Steven-LeSage-04.jpg (54 KB)
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