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Jordan Coulter, born in 1992, in Australia, is an Australian Model.
Standing 6"1' feet tall, Coulter quickly began to book jobs working with a lot of great photographers. He has been featured in numerous editorials magazines, such as "Wet Contest in Numéro Homme" and "Australian GQ". He has also done high profile fashion shows in Milan.
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A surfer at heart, Coulter was discovered on the beach. An agent asked him about modeling and that's when he decided to give modeling a try. He was immediately signed by powerhouse Scene, Vision LA, and Success.

In 2009, Coulter decided to head out to Los Angeles -- making the rounds before he returns home for his last year of school -- and brought him in contact with famous photographer Scott Hoover who only have praise for the young Aussie, "Jordan is going places. He has that thing, that 'it' factor and I am so glad I was one of the first to work with him here in the states."

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