Saturday, February 13, 2010


My name is Aaron Loftin, and I just recently turned 19. I started modeling when I was about 16.

I shot with some local photographers in Austin, Texas, which is where I am from.
When my reputation spread to other photographers, I was contacted by P. Michael Perez, who invited me to LA for my first professional shoot.
Soon I was contacted by All American Guys and their amazing photographer and founder, Michael Anthony Downs.
I am currently working on a management contract with Perez, but I am looking for an agency to sign with. I am also an aspiring actor. More than anything, though, I would really love to work with some of the most renowned photographers in the world and do some print and commercial print work. I have personality and confidence in front of a camera; I just need the right people to see that, and I will be on my way.

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