Friday, January 22, 2010

Joel Rush hot model


Joel Rush, born in 1982, in Tampa, Florida, is an American model.
Rush is perhaps known as one of the contestants competing on ABC's reality series, "True Beauty." He was proclaimed runner up on the show.

Prior to modeling, Rush worked in software sales. He is just as cool as his name makes him sound. Living in Tampa, he is a wild party-guy who confessed he married his wife because she is "as hot as me, so she can relate to what I go through."

Rush says he already acts like a celebrity so it is only a matter of time before he is truly famous. Though he leads a fairly humdrum life, he is anything but boring. Cocky as hell, he knows he looks good and insists on surrounding himself with only the hottest people.

The self-proclaimed "Crown Prince of Cool" says his workout regiment is all about "looking great without his clothes on."

Rush has a heart and will tear up if you ask him about his grandpa, but that sentimental side is a rare sight for the guy who is the loudest, most conceited man at any party.

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