Monday, December 28, 2009


Monrovia, Indiana.
This model is Kyle Ledeb exits, was born in Monrovia, Indiana and child wanted to be biologist: His family is very diverse with regard to their origin, the Netherlands mom is his dad is a mixture of Europeans, while his stepfather is black.
Currently studying at the University of Arizona and travels constantly to different ciudades.Desde teenager knew he wanted to be a model and took pains to accomplish much, so much that can take more pictures to different agencies; At first her family did not accept the profession he wanted to continue but then took pains to see that being a good role model and realizing that his career was on the rise, he gave all his support, being very excited to see it grow every day more as a model.
His first job was in New York for Harper Bazaar, next to Jessica Simpson; The session noted that he was very nervous because it was his first experience as a model and the first time in New York.Su most important work was for Holster.
Believes that the key to success is to build a good reputation with people around him, but especially with those who are professionally bound to it, that's why they give their best in every event that is presented.

A phrase that is always present is "the most successful people in life are those who are not afraid to take risks."

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