Saturday, February 5, 2011


James Milo Newman was born January 22, 1992 (19 years old) also known as James Myron Newman, is an American actor. He plays Tony Snyder on the MTV television teen drama Skins. Newman's first acting experience was auditioning for Skins. He had previously planned to fight in the Golden Gloves boxing tournament (he had once boxed with Yuri Foreman).
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Newman was raised in Greenwich Village, New York. He is the son of actress Antonia Beresford Dauphin and producer Peter Ross Newman. His maternal grandmother, Ruda Dauphin (née Podemska), was the president of film production company Odeon International, and was the partner of French actor Claude Dauphin. His maternal grandfather was English novelist Marc Brandel, the son of writer J. D. Beresford. James Newman was raised Jewish. James attended Camp Greylock for boys in Beckett, Mass. for 8 summers.

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