Monday, March 22, 2010


Marco Dapper (born July 9, 1983) is an American Model and actor, best known for his full frontal nudity in the 2006 film Eating Out 2: Sloppy Seconds.
San Francisco Bay area native Marco Dominic Dapper arrived in Hollywood in 2003 pursuing an acting career. Along the way, he landed several European short modeling assignments and more recently, a campaign for Levi's Jeans for the Asian market.

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marco-dapper-stong-02.jpg (216 KB)marco-dapper-stong-01.jpg (198 KB)2054419832_f806f54a51_o.jpg (279 KB)
marco-dapper-stong-03.jpg (183 KB)2054419836_136565b315_o.jpg (297 KB) 2054419840_fbbd274f90_o.jpg (29 KB)
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UTF-8_B_bWFyY29fZGFwcGVyMDIuanBn.jpg (42 KB)2054419846_d5a342a8f1_o.jpg (269 KB)
2226009576_d8f85212cd_o.jpg (100 KB) 2226009572_0042962d11_o.jpg (172 KB)
2933233873_1ea9dd008b_o.jpg (191 KB) 3812393082_47f36f9d6d_o.jpg (226 KB)
3385832056_dcdb1c344d_o.jpg (108 KB) 4333025048_47e8e59d9d_o.jpg (183 KB)3385831912_a9c1cfdcdf_o.jpg (152 KB)
3263019955_a6b1ee5d23_o.jpg (39 KB) 4333025114_579fde0d20_o.jpg (143 KB)
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